Just a guy at Dublin, Ireland. I have a day job at Amazon Web Services as System Development Engineer focused and specialized on scalability, automation, infrastructure issues and capacity planning.

On the side, in my spare time I like to hack, debug, learn, teach, collaborate and participate in free software development and activities. I'm currently involved in Debian, particularly with Java and Ruby teams. I'm an official developer of that project.

Outside computers and other software stuff, I like to learn languages as hobby so I'm learning German... Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen.

I'm also a big big fan of indie rock bands and I have an significant interest on Economics but I haven't persuit any formal training on this social science yet. Time will tell, who knows?

So, what you can find in this particularly irrelevant website?

  • Contact me (really? do you want to do that?)
  • My blog (oh yeah, so many wisdom and interesting stuff there! LOL!!1!1one!)
  • Some code I have written
  • My cats' pictures
  • An aggregator of me on the web (perfect for stalkers and the like)
  • Sandbox (every wiki has to have one, right?)
  • My Flavors.me
  • PGP key
  • Webmail (nobody uses this anymore)

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