Since a while ago I was aware of the possibility of hosting an ikiwiki generated website at github using github pages. This is described with great detail on tips section of ikiwiki website.

Later, it was announced the possibility of using custom domains with github pages, but unfortunately this feature was available only to paying customers. Don't get me wrong, github is fantastic and they provide a service really worth paying for (especially for private projects), but for a dollar starved guy like me, I try to avoid any expense in foreign currency.

So, it was cool to find out that the custom domain feature for github pages now is free. I decided to give a try and migrate this website hosting there. I could save a few bucks with hosting and gained the feature of updating my website using git standard tools (pretty awesome and convenient if you ask me, with one push you can publish updates or revert changes).

I'm going to investigate options about how to implement the dynamic portion of ikiwiki (ikiwiki.cgi, and maybe comments), but for now my main use case of ikiwiki is covered with github pages provided hosting.